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College is a Waste of Time, and Money Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

College is a Waste of Time, and Money - Essay Example We have already heard in the news and discussion forums the unresponsiveness of our school system that it does not necessarily prepare an individual in the real world. Even Bill Gates criticized the present school system and its curricula that it is no longer reflective of what is needed in the real world that has real problems The cost of going to college is also not to be taken lightly. It is expensive and typically comprises the majority of the savings of the parents of a typical middle class parent. The expenses are not only limited to tuition, but also the books, board and lodging and other miscellaneous costs. Considering that an individual will not even be getting a real education that is responsive to the real problems in the real life settings, it is not worth it to spend that much. The money and time that is supposed to be spent in college can be used in other better things. Real education can be had through other means without wasting time and resources. College only prepa res an individual to be a conformist and an employee; to get a job and live a life of drudgery of getting up early and working for someone else. College does not even teach you how to make money in a smart way. According to Robert Kiyosaki in his bestseller book Rich Dad Poor Dad, college does not prepare an individual for financial independence. ... Many of the subjects that are offered in the courses in college are also impractical and unnecessary. They have no use except to burden a student with additional workload and tuition expense with only the satisfaction of finishing the course. In short, many of the things that are taught in college are just â€Å"nice to know†. Worst, the things that are learned that are supposed to equip the student when he or she gets into the real world, are forgotten by the time the student graduated because of the long stay in school. The intelligence that is required in life is not also academic intelligence or intelligence quotient (IQ) as what school is telling us but emotional intelligence or real life intelligence that solves real life problems (Wechesler, 1982 qtd. In Mandel & Pherwani, 2003). This kind of intelligence which is required in real life is not even taught in college and in fact even downplayed by the â€Å"academics†. It has always been assumed that a higher IQ th at is needed in college would equate to a desirable performance in real life and a determinant of an individual’s success in a chosen career. It has always been stressed that college is an appropriate preparation for an individual to succeed or make it in life. Real life, street or emotional intelligence on the other hand has been traditionally regarded as a weakness and irrelevant. It has been thought that being street smart has no bearing nor use in professional endeavors and as such, irrelevant. Real life learning has always been relegated as inferior to college. Recent studies however have illustrated that school/college and its IQ is an insufficient predictor of success. As early as 1920, Thorndike has already contended that to make it in life,

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The Definition of Reality Essay Example for Free

The Definition of Reality Essay The quote which Christof made in the movie â€Å"The Truman Show† depicts the narrow-mindedness of the human brain the inability to search for the truth. Humans get used to the idea of a particular habit of living, which disables them from reaching the ultimate truth. Therefore, reality is the achievement of the questioning of the world around us to find the perfect truth which should be accepted, to live without the conflict that our world presents itself with. In numerous situations in life, people confirm to the ideas prevalent in their society. Whether it is a certain ideology, fashion style, religion or anything, people usually take it upon themselves to follow it, even though it might not make sense. They climb onto the bandwagon with everyone else, thereby conforming to the popular ideas. However, if one pondered about such ideologies, one would find loopholes, errors and petty misunderstandings within such worldly ideologies. Reality, however, does not and should not have any sort of fallacy. Reality is like the diamond, glittering between the darkness of the other rocks it is buried with. If one scoured the whole place meticulously and with the correct mindset, one would notice the glimmer of the diamond. Reality, thus, is individuality, which makes one appreciate uniqueness and consider ideologies without throwing one’s sense away and following the widely held idea. Gaarder depicts such a situation in his book â€Å"Sophie’s World†. Most people conform to society and slide down into the rabbit’s fur, making themselves comfortable without using their brain, while the best way is to cling on to the edges of the rabbit’s fur, seeing, questioning, interrogating and actively reading through the world’s mysteries to reach that shimmering diamond of reality. Reality is freedom. Because reality is the ultimate truth, it will set one free. Truman is trapped in Seahaven Island because he does not the truth. Born and raised in Seahaven, he knows nothing else. He does not know actual reality, therefore, he is confined. Up until in the movie, Truman had been accepting the world with which he was presented. And that is what all human beings do which is why each and every one of us is trapped in a world that we accept unconsciously. Once we break the barriers of such confinement and realize that it is ultimate truth that we were seeking the whole time and that helped us from such entrapment, we are left with the glittering diamond of reality. Similarly, the people who have slid down the rabbit’s fur have confirmed themselves to the cozy and warm interior of the world they know, accepting, with blind faith, the surroundings they are surrounded with. Truth or reality is the only way towards the questions that has haunted the human race for centuries. Who are we? How was the universe created? Who or what was the cause for creation? What is the purpose of our lives and our universe? An endless stream of questions runs on and on. In the â€Å"Truth Project†, Dr. Tackett explains the fallacy of searching for the answers to such â€Å"universals† in the particulate and natural world around us. Reality is the answer to the universal questions through the acceptance of divinity, authenticity and common reasoning. With the assumption of the existence of God, it is unambiguous that He is the basis for reality- the point that philosophers and cultures from centuries ago have been trying to prove. The idea of divinity of a Supreme Being controlling is the ultimate truth and reality of our existence. Such an idea is of more worth than diamond, gold or silver put together, and thus one would achieve the epitome of reality and truth when he realizes it. Many people state and strongly believe in a multi-faceted reality, in which reality is the perspective of each and every person. In other words, reality is relative, and takes different shapes and forms with each person. This would mean that truth is defined as however each person defines it- truth is relative. However, this is just a notion of the modern ages. It is widely accepted that truth and reality are absolute- there can only be one. By stating truth as relative, according to ‘allaboutphilosophy. org’ people are engaging themselves in a petty fallacy of circular reasoning. They reject the absolutist nature of reality by stating that reality is relative, wherein they are stating an absolute statement, which contradicts their relativism. Reality or truth is absolute- there is only one real way. Many paths may look similar, however- and that is where critical thinking plays a huge role- one must critically examine all the nuances and scrutinize all the â€Å"fine print† before walking down that path. The assumption of a living and supreme God being the reality of our purpose and creation is an ideal that many people refute- atheists, humanists etc. The proof of the suffering in the world and the seemingly cruel and selfish reality of the world- which they perceive because of their narrow-mindedness—seems to present to them evidence against the existence of the supreme being. However, C. S. Lewis and his arguments for the real existence of God prove otherwise. Of course, reality would be worthier than diamond itself, but for this essay’s sake, we would make such an extended analogy. Reality is the ultimate truth that should be seeked by each and every one in their life. The various positive definitions of reality serve to motivate anyone to search for the truth through critical thinking and determination to appreciate the world’s ultimate truth and the struggle to get to that particular destination.

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Service quality of hospitality information system Essay -- Technology,

Service quality of hospitality information system has emerged as an important function under discussion for the hospitality industry in IRAN which has been identified as one of the efficient structures for the organizational performance within the competitive marketplace regarding hospitality information system (lewis 1993) .The service quality of hospitality information system provide equivalent services ,establishing high service quality ,supplement customer satisfaction, and enlarge the organizational profitability of providers and market share (Hoffman &Bateson 1997). Most organizations within the hospitality industry in IRAN have research about the significance issues to evaluating service quality , customer satisfaction, and customer expectations regarding the service quality. According to Sudipta, &Adittya, (2005), service quality of hospitality information system has emerged as an issue of importance for the hospitality industry it has been identified as one of th e most effective means by building a competitive position and improving organizational performance. However, customer satisfaction and customer expectations are two important factors in evaluating the service quality and make essential decisions concerning future supporting and investment. One of the most important development aspects in hospitality information system is the growing consideration toward service quality of hospitality information system by delivering useful informations and high quality service to the customers .The importance factors of hospitality information system are distributed into different subdivisions which provide useful informations to tourists and customers , not only online brochures and general informations about the p... and increase the organizational profits . Measuring customer perspective of the service quality of hospitality information system at the hotel industry within the Iranian society can being able the hotels as a key tool to provide and analyze customer feedback , policies and practices , employee commitment , education and training , organizational marketing . Met expectation model is one of the main models that hotels are using in Iran, to evaluate the terms of service quality with different perspectives among customers and the organization . The expectations and service delivery from two different perspectives can help the organization to identify the strengths and weaknesses in service quality and service delivery . In addition , this make organizations able to measure service and performance quality of hospitality information system in a broader area .

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Homeland Security Essay

Risk management procedure is an important phase in introducing the anti-terrorist procedures aimed to secure certain residents in a specific area. Through this particular procedure, it is necessary that people are notified as to how much risk they are supposed to face in the process. Knowing the precautions that the target people are supposed to take should then help in the education that is given to people as to how they are supposed to face the different impending causes and later results of terrorism in the community (IC 2007 Internet). Once the people are already knowledgeable of what they are facing and what they are particularly at, they are then ready to face the challenges of the situation at a more prepared and confident phase. Knowingly, they are able to protect themselves from the results of impending terrorism. Vulnerability Assessment is also a vital part of the process which at the same time involves at least four other steps needed for consideration. The said steps are as follows: 1. Cataloging assets and capabilities (resources) in a system 2. Assigning quantifiable value and importance to the resources 3. Identifying the vulnerabilities or potential threats to each resource 4. Mitigating or eliminating the most serious vulnerabilities for the most valuable resources From the outlined process of vulnerability assessment, it is noticeable that the focus of the approach in assessing the vulnerability of the community is based upon the environment and the possible threats that are observed from (Stockton 2007 internet), acting towards the said threats could help in the process of making it easier for the society to see their capabilities in protecting themselves well from the threats of terrorism raised against them.

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Directing the movie called Essay

My name is Ahsan Mojumder . I am directing the movie called â€Å"Romeo Juliet†. My movie is basically written based on William Shakespeare’s mind blowing Romeo and Juliet. As a modern director I think Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is old fashioned. The language, communication system, characters everything has changed according to new era, as a director I am thinking why should the story line up remain the same. We can use the themes from Romeo and Juliet. Under these circumstances decided to make it contemporary upgraded version of Romeo and Juliet brief description of my upgraded story of immortal love is given below: Characters Romeo: 19 years old Vincent: Romeo’s father Mrs. Vincent: Romeo’s mother Juliet: 18 years old Bill: Juliet’s father Mrs. Bill: Juliet’s mother Morcutio: Juliet’s brother and Romeo’s best friend. Britney: Juliet’s friend Charle: Britney’s Father Mrs. Charle: Britney’s mother The story is about a couple of lover, who wanted to get together but the social status was not letting it happen. Vincent is rich merchant. He has massive business. Andrew is his one and only son. Andrew is a university student. He is studying in Computing and business. Morcutio is his best friend in university. Morcutio’s dad Bill is a clerk in an office. Mr. Vincent loves his son and daughter like every dad in this world. But his son and daughter are far away for him because he is always busy in his Business. That’s why he can’t give them enough time. Romeo loves Juliet . Who is his best friend Morcutios’s sister. That’s how they know each other. Both of the families don’t know anything about the relationship between them. But Juliet’s mother starts to understand it nowadays. As days passing by love is becoming more and more dense. They are having a good time. But suddenly something start to happen in their life. Romeo’s mum and dad arranged their son’s marriage with their friend Charle’s daughter named Britney. Romeo and Juliet become resourceless. They can’t think about what to do. Should they run away from the society or they should sucide? They decided to ask Morcutio’s to help them. Morcutio talked with his parents but they said if Romeo’s family agree they haven’t got any problem about this relationship. Now it’s Romeo’s turn to ask his parents. But he hasn’t got enough influence to talk to them. For Juliet sake he decided to tell them the truth. Romeo’s parents said no way because of her dad. Juliet talked with Britney to give them few more times. Britney said she would try her best. Britney did know that they love each other but she can’t help it. Because this is her parent and Romeo’s parents wish. If they said something they said†¦. which can’t be changed. That’s why Britney doesn’t want to talk to them. Juliet’s family is keep saying about the social difference economically. Andrew and Juliet are sitting together on Juliet’s home balcony. They are thinking how to stop this marriage and how to get together. They have decided they will leave this unscrupulous unverified society. They made a plan and went away from them. Their parents informed the police. But police says that they can’t do anything in this case. Because they are young enough to make their own decisions. They gave the same statement to Police. They got married and lived happily ever after†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ From the story I am going to direct the balcony scene where they decided to split up from their families. Each of the character has developed in my story rather than Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Settings: Location: A simple balcony. Shouldn’t be luxurious to make a difference between Romeo’s home balcony. Than the audience can feel the social difference between two communities. Dress up: contemporary dresses and suits. Background music: Romantic. They both are sitting on chair and facing each other. They are discussing what to do. The script has been attached below- Romeo: â€Å"I decide we are going to go far away from here. We will go somewhere else where nobody will try to split us. We will start a new life together. Do you agree with me love? † Juliet: â€Å"Whatever you say my Romeo. I gave you my heart, my soul, my mind and now you are asking for my opinion! I agree with you my Romeo. † Romeo: â€Å"You have saved me. If you would say no, I would suicide my love. † Juliet: â€Å"Never ever say that what you have just said. You can’t die without me. If you have to tell me I would like to die with you. † Romeo: (Holding her hands as they dance): â€Å"I love holding your hands; may I kiss it? † Juliet: (amused, cautious): â€Å"You are being a little too bold in wanting to kiss me. If you are really a pilgrim, you should greet me only with your hand, as ‘palmers’ do. † Romeo: â€Å"Hey, even holy pilgrim are human, they have got lips. Please let me kiss you. Stand still while I kiss you. † (He kisses her lips) Juliet: (Thrilled and amused at the same time): â€Å"you don’t really need all this artificial argumentation to justify kissing me, you know. Let’s get serious. † As I said my story is a contemporary and upgraded version of William Shakespeare’s â€Å"Romeo and Juliet† I used regular pattern of English as script. William Shakespeare â€Å"Romeo and Juliet was written in 1595. Actually Romeo and Juliet was written as a play . The story is of course about a pair of star crossed lovers. Two teenagers pursue their love for each other despite the fact that their families have been at odds with each other for decades. In Verona (Italy) in the late 1500’s two powerful families the Montague and the Capulet have been feuding with each other for years. But two people from two different communities get together and falled in love. When they realised they are resource less about their love and life they choose a different way to get together. But for a bit misunderstanding they lead their life to death. The script used for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet was basically in a special kind of poetic device called â€Å"Sonnet†. Which was also invented by great William Shakespeare. The main characteristics of this poetic device are- 1. 16 lines 2. Fixed rhymes pattern Italian cities were infamous for their long lasting deadly feuds between prominent families. Think the play was written as a part of his contribution with others to say â€Å"no† against such conflicts. The greatest theme in Romeo and Juliet is Love. As I said it’s a contemporary version of Romeo and Juliet so I tried my best to keep the vital theme of the play. But in this modern society everything has been changing rather than Shakespeare’s era. Such a fact like communication system could change the theme in Romeo and Juliet. I think if Internet would available on that time they might alive until they meet each other. So I have to change the theme slightly as a modern director of Romeo and Juliet. And I also have changed the characters line up in order to give you something different. I haven’t involved any violence in my story because nowadays violence is not a rear, so people don’t want to see any violence between love and lovers. I mentioned earlier about use of language in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. As you have seen my script, which is written in regular pattern of English, so people can understand it easily and also the people of other countries can enjoy the movie. Ahsan Mojumder English Assignment #4 Name: Ahsan Mojumder Lecturer: Diana May.